Liverpool’s Adam Lallana praised the work of Jurgen Klopp

June 30, 2016

The English midfielder Adam Lallana has lauded what JurgenKlopp has done ever since he arrived back on October of 2015.

According to Lallana, the impact that Klopp has made is undeniable and clear as the German manager has pushed the Premier League club into a team that has reached the finals of the Europa League.

Not only has JurgenKlopp has guided Liverpool to the finals of the European competition but according to Adam Lallana, the German manager has made the squad believe that they are able to overcome any team out there.

Adam Lallana said: “Now we believe we can beat anyone. “The manager has always had belief in us regardless of who we play. That is one thing he has brought here, no matter who we play, whether we play Barcelona or whoever, he will make us believe we can win the game. You go out on the pitch thinking we can win this by doing this, every team is beatable, you do believe him genuinely.’’

The summer transfer window is approaching and one of the players that is being rumored of transferring from clubs is Adam Lallana as Tottenham Hotspur is interested in signing the English midfielder and its rumored that the Premier League club is on the verge of releasing an offer of around £20m but Lallana is not interested in leaving Liverpool anytime soon.

“I’ve got three years left on my contract here. It was only last season that people might have read that I was leaving and thought ‘Yes, let’s get him out’. But football changes very quickly and I’m really enjoying my football under this manager.I’ve always had a good relationship with Pochettino. I am at a massive club here and playing some of my best football for the club, getting to cup finals.” Liverpool’s Adam Lallana said as he pledged his future with JurgenKlopp and the rest of his teammates.