Liverpool came close to winning the title under Brendan Rodgers

December 27, 2015

Liverpool came close to winning the title under Brendan Rodgers a few years ago and this remains as one of the most exciting periods of football that the club has given its fans in the last few decades.

The players played with such flair throughout the 90 minutes and almost came close to breaking Chelsea’s record of 103 goals in a single league campaign.Rodgers has since left the club to be replaced by Jurgen Klopp, who advocated a similar style of attacking football at his previous club – Borussia Dortmund. It appears that Klopp has no intention of changing the style even when at a big club like Liverpool.

Midfielder Philippe Coutinho has been a revelation for the club since joining from Inter Milan for around £ 8 million. After almost winning the PFA Player of the Year award last season, the Brazilian has picked up from where he left off. He has eight goals in 17 appearances for the team. Despite his goals and performances, Liverpool continue to struggle for results. This is especially true even after the arrival of Klopp. However, Coutinho has revealed that the manager has encouraged the players to retain faith in the attacking style of football. The club are likely to reap rewards in the coming months.

“He asks for us to play with as much freedom as possible when we have the ball, but when we lose it we are asked to recover it as quickly as possible. We press very high with the intention of trying to make the other team lose the ball close to their goal.If we do it right, and win the ball back in these areas, it gives us a better chance to score. The most important thing is that it is imperative for the team to press together,” said Coutinho.