Klopp intends to retire after maybe 10 Years

November 20, 2016

There are many coaches who are well past 60 and are still working, but, Jurgen Klopp says he will not stretch his career that far.

Klopp intends to retire after maybe 10 more years of work and then return to the country of his birth to spend the rest of his life in peace.

Klopp’s stint in his Anfield office has gone beyond 12 months and he hints that he wouldn’t mind if he has to serve in the same office until he bids goodbye to Football management.

In the media gathering on the eve of Swansea match, Klopp said “Germany is my motherland and that’s where I would like to remain based. I can’t say if I take up another coaching assignment in Germany, but, I would go back just because it’s my home.”

“I don’t actually see myself still on the side lines and giving instructions in my sixties. I would be finished by the time I get to that age and if after retirement, I find that Liverpool was the last club I coached, I would feel proud because my CV would then display three brilliant teams.”

The journalists then shot some questions on the match and the defeat at the Welsh club the previous time was mentioned in almost every question.

Klopp’s answer to that was, “Look, we had two matches during the week and there wasn’t a proper gap between the matches. We were playing on the Wednesday evening and we were back on the park again by the Sunday afternoon. So, you can understand.”

“But, we can’t complain for the lack of recovery time on this occasion because the gap has been there, the normal gap of seven days and everyone’s recovered. There can’t be any excuses.”