Jurgen Klopp reveals details concerning the players that aren’t good enough

November 29, 2016

Jurgen Klopp and the supporters of Liverpool are extremely happy to see the club at the top of the Premier League with 26 points secured from their 11 opening league matches and the German manager has recently revealed details concerning what he considers when selecting his first-team players.

Something that Klopp stated in regards to one of Liverpool’s players not being good enough to make it into the first-team is that those performers are usually just sent to a suitable team in the 2nd division of England, although this is a method that has traditionally been utilized by many clubs from around the world, so it’s not really a shocking thing to hear.

Even though this method is not innovative, Jurgen Klopp did say that this is a very important thing to do for those players that just can’t make it into his main team as this gives those players the chance to develop further and learn many things, even if it’s not with his own team.

“It’s good for their development and good for us that we can make the joys and decisions about their futures at LFC. If we have to make a decision that a player is not good enough for the Liverpool first-team then they need to be good enough for another Premier League club or minimum a Championship club. That is what we have to create, we have to give them the opportunity and that is what we are doing’’

“They can still stay a little longer in their situation and be patient, they can use the time in the corner with not the biggest public watching, not lots of people asking about you and watching each step of you.Hopefully we can bring through a few of them in the red shirt of Liverpool at Anfield in the first-team. That is the dream of all of us.” Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp said.