Fight for Justice

October 11, 2012

UPDATE: Sign the petition to campaign for a full, independent inquiry into Sir Norman Bettison’s role in the despicable cover up here – we need as many signatures as possible to make this happen, so please share this article, and share the petition link everywhere and anywhere!

And let Norman know what you think:

On 15th April 1989, 96 Liverpool fans didn’t return home.

For 23 years we were fed the line that it was all the fans own fault – that they were drunk, that they didn’t help each-other, that whilst the disaster was taking place they were looting each-other, and much worse.

After 23 years we finally had the full inquiry that the Hillsborough Families Support Group and Hillsborough Justice Campaign have been fighting for, and we finally found out the truth. It had all been one big pack of lies. And all carefully designed to ensure that the Police and emergency services got away with their disgraceful ineptitude.

In the aftermath of the disaster, whilst we were in mourning, and struggling to live our lives, the Police concealed their guilt, their mistakes and their dishonesty and continued about their daily business. They peddled lies, tampered with evidence, changed their stories, and even re-wrote witness statements. And every time the truth threatened to out, they stamped it back down amongst more lies. But like all good fairytales – even ones told by Police inspectors – the baddies always lose in the end.

Norman Bettison was one of the key men in covering up the Police’s sorry mess. It was him that led the so-called ‘propaganda unit’ that spread lies and discredited the fans. His team censored Police records, fed the indecent gutter press, and even edited and narrated a full 30 minute film that was presented to the Members of Parliament that attempted to lay all blame at the feet of the fans.  He quite simply prevented justice – and truth – from being done for 23 years.

And yet whilst he should have a heavy and guilty heart, to go with the blood on his hands, he has not once admitted any regret or sorrow or remorse for his actions. The opposite, in fact – since the report by the Hillsborough Independent panel laid the indiscretions at his door, he has continued to distance himself from them.

Since 1989, the then-bungling Police Inspector Bettison has wormed his way up to being not only a Chief Constable, but also to being Knighted by the Queen. It is a title which I refuse to use, because he does not deserve it. It disgusts me that he continues to be in control of police forces. For his role in Hillsborough, this man should be brought to justice.

Since the truth came out, Norman Bettison has realised his position is untenable, and announced his retirement from the Police force in March 2013, in the hope that he will be able to slip away quietly through a golden trap-door and escape the sanctions. We believe this is wrong.  He should be forced to face the consequences of his actions.  he should be brought to justice.

We have started a petition of the Government to dethrone him from his job, strip him of his title, slash his lucrative pension (paid at the tax-payers expense) for an independent inquiry to find him guilty of the greatest cover-up in Police history, and for him to face a financial punishment and custodial sentence for his crimes against Merseyside.

Please join us in our fight, by clicking here and signing the petition, and by forwarding or publishing this article to whoever or wherever you can. We need as many signatures as is physically possible.

If you feel strongly enough about this issue, you can also contact Bettison directly via his email address:

Gary McParnaby

Editor – Anfield Roar fanzine.