Crisis? What Crisis?

November 28, 2014

There are some things all Liverpool fans love. We love a local player. We love a good striker. And, we LOVE a crisis. We do, we really do.

Now, there is no doubt this season has been a major disappointment (at least, so far!) What was ‘poetry in motion’ has transformed in to a damp squib. And there isn’t any movement, let alone motion. Unless we are talking about that sinking feeling. Right? But crisis? CRISIS?

Let’s look at the facts. After 11 games, Liverpool are nine points worse off than we were last year. Last year we were second, three points clear of fifth place. This year we are four points behind fourth. We must be in crisis, right? The Kop said so, so we are in crisis. The media too. They are so knowledgeable.

Rodgers has had a worse start than Moyes…

Liverpool fans need to smarten up. I have alluded to this in previous articles, but now more than ever, we need to stick together and help the club move forward. And it starts with knowing where we really stand.

Now, I am really not being an optimist here. We have been awful this season. But what do we do to get out of it? Sack Rodgers? And hire whom? Who is out there that could do a better job with this group of players than the man who assembled it? Yes, he helped create this mess, but what do we want? Another Rafa to ‘Woy’ to Kenny transition? More fresh starts? More new dawns? What kind of rubbish are people talking?

The rational truth is, Brendan took over to help clean the mess that was left behind in the first place. Before he took over, our final league position was 7, 8 and 6. In his first season, we finished 7th. It’s almost like the worst thing we did last season for Brendan was challenge for the title. Instead of buying him time, it helped construct his coffin. Only at Liverpool.

Brendan initially signed a three-year contract. The expectation was that he would have us competing for the Champions League in that time. He succeeded, in some style.

And what was the point? He lost his star striker in the summer, and had his replacement for that mantle cruelly robbed for pretty much the whole season. What did Brendan get? Patience? Support? Nope. Cries of crisis, echoes of boos, and talk of Rodgers out! It’s insane.

Is it really time for this?

Now, step back for a second. Imagine we snuck in to 4th place through the back door. Imagine we had an average season, and a Stevie penalty got us over the line against Newcastle, and we got in to 4th on goal difference? That’s the role perception and perspective plays in life.

We went so close, yet ultimately failed in our pursuit of the title last season. Perception told us we were back in the big time. Perspective, based on this season, and the players we brought in, taught us we weren’t. Perception had the whole country talking about our players taking the step to the next level. Perspective has taught us that form comes and goes very quickly.

And the current perception is we are in a crisis. But this too shall pass, and perspective will tell us where we really are. It always does. What we need perspective to show us this season is that we are now ready to really challenge for a top four place. Is that not good enough? No? Well then, support someone else! There are plenty of other teams out there.

Our fans, me included want us to compete with Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. These clubs have respectively signed 6, 8, 9 and 2 players over £25m. We have signed one, and he didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Never mind the perception here, we need to have some perspective!

Did we ever really stand a chance?

Our fans want Rodgers out when Real Madrid demolished us 3-1 at home. Their top 3 transfer fees were £86m (Bale), £80m (Ronaldo) and £63m (Rodriguez). We don’t play in the same league as Real Madrid right now. Nor Barcelona.

So what is the answer? Sack Rodgers? Start again?

The word to describe our season in not crisis. It’s reality. Reality just booted us all in the proverbial private parts. And we don’t like it.

We were ‘that’ good last season, but now we have to swallow this bitter pill of reality. I dare to say that Madrid themselves would be a much lesser force without Ronaldo. The same for Barcelona without Messi. Yet somehow, we deluded ourselves to think we could ride out losing Suarez? I was as guilty as everyone else. But it just shows how detached from reality we all really were.

So, what do we do with this reality? We creep in to 4th. We play out that scenario, where we creep over the line. And then we go to buy at least one of those really good players, who cost over £25m. And then? Well, then, we go again!


Expertly written by Aizaz Sheikh

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